Jason Kaplowitz

Certified Herbalist,
HTMA, The Crazy Hair Chemist

Jason Kaplowitz

Certified Herbalist,
HTMA, The Crazy Hair Chemist

A Hair Raising Experience

Regrow your hair naturally and safely, through a proven and holistic consultation and treatment process.

Innovative In-Person & Virtual Solutions

Imagine a world where the secret to healthy, vibrant hair isn’t locked away in a laboratory, but lies within the realm of nature itself.

Your hair is made up of minerals, water & amino acids and it is grown by information given by your own hormones.

I know how to bio-hack the system to put everything into balance – growing your hair longer, thicker and healthier than ever.

There are other life-changing side effects of this bio-hacking system.

Eager to learn what those are?


Picture yourself on a remarkable journey of transformation, as you uncover the power of regrowing hair naturally.

When the minerals become balanced in your body, then the master hormones required for natural hair growth are enabled.

I’ve done it to myself and hundreds of others. Now I am here to help you.

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Why Crazy Hair Chemist?

Going deeper than any anti-aging night cream or product, analyzing the components of health: Mind, Body & Spirit, in their most measurable forms.

70% of our body is made up of water (99% at the molecular level!) + carbon + nitrogen + minerals – such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron.

If we can find where the “sparks” in your body are misfiring then we can understand exactly what changes will result in effective and harmonious function.

Crazy Hair Chemist method redefines the components of health as Mind, Mineral & Spirit.

We have incredible products: state-of-the-art blends of herbs and energetic medicines, and easy to use devices – perfect for male and female patients.

Additionally, we have a team that provides full support and a network of healthcare professionals that assist in reviewing our most complex cases.

We work directly with the world’s leading international Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab.


By testing the hair, we can see what is happening at a cellular level.

Stool or urine are the excess of toxins – what our bodies no longer need, it is what we excrete.

Our hair is what we are storing, so hair provides a really clear picture of where we are deficient and what sparks are misfiring – causing symptoms such as lack of energy, weight gain or the ability to release weight, hormonal imbalances, etc…

What will we address:

  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Mineral & nutrient deficiencies
  • Metabolic rate
    • Do you have a fast or slow metabolism
    • Should you be eating a high fat or low carb diet
  • Adrenal & HPT/HPA function
    • Are you running on adrenaline?
    • How is your vitality?
  • Skin, Hair, Nails & Anti-Aging
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Nervous system imbalances
    • Fight or flight: are you sympathetic and parasympathetic dominant?
  • Inflammation
  • Energy levels
  • Mental health
    • Anxiety or depression could be affected by your current mineral state
  • Liver function
  • Blood sugar imbalances/diabetes
  • Digestive dysfunction
  • Food suggestions
    • Foods to avoid to support your metabolic rate, mineral deficiencies & toxic loads
  • Your mineral defense to defeat bacteria and virus



I’m Jason, The Crazy Hair Chemist Certified Herbalist, HTMA.

I work with public figures, business professionals, and others serious about their health optimization.


  • Since 2009
  • Certified Herbalist 
(accredited by the Complementary Medical Association 2020)
  • Certified in Pandemic Planning (Harvard University)


  • swimming,
  • hiking,
  • cooking,
  • reading,
  • Kung-Fu,
  • exercise,
  • social justice.

I began my career in the medical industry in 2009 as a hernia & wound healing specialist for Medtronic.

Almost all of the complex abdominal wall reconstructions that I consulted physicians on had patients with underlying conditions and diseases including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. These conditions not only contribute to a weakened abdominal wall, but are also the three leading causes of death in the United States.

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Free 20 Min Consultation

Let’s talk about you.
During consultation we will talk about your needs, challenges and how we can help.
You can also get to ask any question.


Getting to Know Your Hair

We do full, professional HTMA test followed by 1-hr consultation on the results. By testing the hair, we can see what is happening at a cellular level.

Measuring the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in your hair, help us prepare customized plan.

We work directly with the world’s leading international Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab.


The Crazy Hair Chemist Transformation

The transformation starts with customized recommendations based on personal HTMA Test results. All The Information You Need to Get Insane Results!

Support led by Jason, The Crazy Hair Chemist.

Customized recommendations based on personal HTMA Test results.

1 to 1 coaching with three support sessions per month.

Everything to start the transformation will be provided.

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