Jason Kaplowitz

Certified Herbalist,
HTMA, The Crazy Hair Chemist

Jason Kaplowitz

Certified Herbalist,
HTMA, The Crazy Hair Chemist



I’m Jason, The Crazy Hair Chemist Certified Herbalist, HTMA.

I work with public figures and business professionals serious about their health optimization.


  • Since 2009
  • Certified Herbalist 
(accredited by the Complementary Medical Association 2020)
  • Certified in Pandemic Planning (Harvard University)


  • swimming,
  • hiking,
  • cooking,
  • reading,
  • Kung-Fu,
  • exercise,
  • social justice.

I began my career in the medical industry in 2009 as a hernia & wound healing specialist for Medtronic.

Almost all of the complex abdominal wall reconstructions that I consulted physicians on had patients with underlying conditions and diseases including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. These conditions not only contribute to a weakened abdominal wall, but are also the three leading causes of death in the United States. While observing the patients’ internal organ health in the operating room, I began formulating a framework for when western medical intervention was essential and how an eastern health practice can prevent most major diseases. In other words, I began creating a method for how and when the East Meets West.

I have worked for the largest physician led practice group in NYC called AdvantageCare Physicians, owned by Emblem Health, educating patients on prevention and wellness, nurturing better relationships with our concierge medicine and empowering the patient’s health journey.

The art of hair regrowth and hair restoration became apparent to me in a “happy accident.” I come from a long maternal line of male-pattern baldness and hair recession, but there wasn’t anything I thought I could do about it. I was originally seeking cellular information through the HTMA test to try and finally resolve a life-long battle with allergies. I had made marginal headway throughout my life with the support of natural health and wellness, but it wasn’t at a level that was satisfactory. In the process of rebalancing my own chemistry, I realized that my hair was mysteriously becoming substantially stronger, thicker and healthier.

I then began health coaching and counseling dozens of others on other conditions such as weight loss, gut health, hormonal imbalances, allergies, sexual issues, emotional health and energy deficits… and their hair started growing back too! With a bit of reverse-engineering, I began tailoring my work to specifically target hair follicle growth and make the process and system better and more efficient.

Throughout my experience I have seen medicine practiced in a broad spectrum of ability, but have continually taken note of the clues mother nature leaves behind on how to heal.

I have a been a student of health and wellness my entire life. My father, a renown chiropractor, has been my my biggest health influence, and taught me a philosophy that has led to continuing the legacy of natural healing.